Wim’s Gang (De Bende van Wim)

Timeless Travel Program

Three passionate motards – Wim Opbrouck (actor), Jean Blaute (musician) and Michiel Hendryckx (photographer) – make an idiosyncratic journey through Europe.

During their trip they shy away from the cliché and stop at special places and people.

Wim’s gang is a boyish ode to travelling.

Successful edition on Canvas & één / Multiple reruns / Double nomination Prize TV-criticism / Input Festival Barcelona

Het Peulengaleis

Satirical sketch series

Hugo Matthysen and Bart Peeters wade knee-high in nonsense and fire absurdities at the viewer.

Het Peulengaleis is a memorable Canvas series. Jehan and Petrick, Yvonne and Yvette and the Gamma-boys have nestled in the Flemish collective memory. Het Peulengaleis won the Ha! Van Humo.

One of the reviews: “A good review must be critical. Bringing the good as well as the bad points to the surface. Sorry people, don’t ask me to just say something about ‘Het Peulengaleis’, because I just can’t do it.” Journalist, ‘Belang van Limburg’

The Burgundian Conspiracy (Het Bourgondisch Complot)

Quirky travel on the water

In The Burgundian Conspiracy, photographer Michiel Hendryckx sails with the Maria Van Dam, a converted cargo boat, from Ghent to our Burgundian roots.
The series became a tasteful combination of beauty and information.

Successful edition on Canvas / Rebroadcast on Een / nomination TV criticism Prize

Disastrous for the Holiday Spirit (Nefast voor de Feestvreugde)

Satirical Christmas film

In “Disastrous for the Holiday Spirit” a club of friends makes recognizably futile attempts to wrestle through the Christmas period.

Extremely painful for the characters, hilarious for the viewer.

For five years in a row we made a new Christmas film at Canvas’s request, which made “Disastrous for the Holiday Spirit” a standard expression.

Week of Love (Week van Liefde)

Documentary series about love that knows no age

“Week of Love” is a five-part documentary series on Canvas in which actor and theatre-maker Wim Opbrouck meets five women. The youngest is 67 and the oldest is 89. The women show in a moving way that love knows no age.

“Week of Love” could count on strong reviews. In 2017, for example, De Morgen journalist Rik Van Puymbroeck, declared “Week of Love” one of his favourite television moments ever.


Artistic documentary about 27 artists in Europe

27x27x27 is an artistic travel report about meetings with top artists in the 27 European member states. Among other things, the Portuguese writer Saramago or the Swedish director Lars Noren let us look into their souls and philosophise about European art history. This documentary of Luc Vrijdaghs was shown at the Palais des Beaux-Arts in Brussels on the occasion of the Europalia festival.

27x27x27 then travelled around Europe.