Look at them Sing

Look at Them Sing, or more commonly known as “Zie Ze Zingen”, is a warm, pleasantly disturbed singalong that gets the best out of everyone. As an organisation it is not only wonderful but also smart to participate in such a session. Why? Because singing gives oxygen, but especially because the formula of See Them Sing is ideal for preparing a creative process. Because singing together = letting go. And letting go is a must for innovation and creation.

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Walkie Talkie

Do you want individual advice about your creative strategy or a specific project? Nothing more efficient than a series of hiking sessions. The combination of movement and outdoor air makes the creative process more intense and effective. Television maker Geertrui Coppens helps turn ideas into concrete plans.


Would you like to brainstorm with your organisation or company about your creative strategy or a project? Get on the ID-Boat and take your team down the river Lys on a beautiful conference boat. Television maker Geertrui Coppens stimulates your creativity and helps turn ideas into concrete plans. Craftsmanship and loads of energy!